ChivanhuTrust was launched in 2014.

Message from the stones

"What kind of creatures are you, you human beings? You step and sit on us without excusing yourselves thinking that we are lifeless? We have life and feelings just like you humans,‎ tell other creatures like you to just say excuse me before stepping or sitting on us!"


The word ‘chivanhu’ is derived from the word ‘hunhu’, which is found in many languages in East, Central and Southern Africa. ‘Hunhu’ also known as ‘Ubuntu’ is an African philosophical/spiritual worldview that stresses the interconnectedness, and inevitable interdependence of people, and the natural environment.‘Chivanhu’ practice is believed to be a result of the collaboration between the spirits and living beings, which in many Zimbabwean philosophical or spiritual understandings are not separate but one entity, each with complementing roles. From this understanding, Chivanhu Trust is dedicated to the restoration of sacred traditions of the people of Zimbabwe and Africa through education, community collaborations, ‘mbira’ & ‘ngoma’ music and dance.

Chivanhu Trust is also committed to developing an understanding and awareness of cross-cultural ways of relating and living, religious and spiritual beliefs, gender, sex and age. Chivanhu Trust seeks to rejuvenate and encourage our sacred relationship with nature, building a healthy understanding between Mother earth and us. 

It is grounded in the belief that through action centered on ‘mbira’ and ‘ngoma’ music, positive energy will settle within our midst since naturally, people cast aside their differences at ceremonies wherever there is ‘mbira’ music.

‘Ambuya Stella Chiweshe’ feels the drive to set up Chivanhu Trust has been ancestral inspirations through her body. Ambuya Stella Chiweshe is an accomplished artist who believes she is recognized as such by the ancestors of Zimbabwe. She embodies the qualities of various ancestral strengths, healing, educating, entertaining and uniting. 

Mission Statement

To conserve, promote and deepen understanding of cultural values and traditional music, particularly Mbira, in Zimbabwe and worldwide. This will be made possible by sharing and exchanging of cultural values and practices with particular and appropriate local, regional and international persons and communities through staging of workshops, festivals, discussions, dialogues, training and teaching the public or private audiences,To carry out any other activities, which may further the promotion and attaining of the objects expressed in close (1) above.

Key Objectives

The establishment and management of a physical centre (with adequate facilities) to promote the objectives of the Trust,Bringing together of a wide variety of traditional musicians, from within Zimbabwe and further afield,To create mutual learning opportunities about the interaction of traditional music and traditional values and culture; and to learn about performance and staging of traditional music events’The creation of opportunities for persons concerned about or involved in work relating to traditional values and cultural expression to meet, share perspectives and concerns and to develop joint activitiesTo particularly nurture, encourage, enhance and promote women's participation, involvement and leadership in musical performances and cultural activitiesTo ensure that adequate resources are available, for the achieving of the above.